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Come and share a meal with us this festive season!

Apart from receiving and giving gifts on Christmas, sharing a meal with your loved ones is a big part of the joy of the season. After all, it’s one of the rare occasions where everyone gets to come together before the year ends for a proper celebration!

For us here at The Providore,  Christmas is when we pull out all the stops and create a sumptuous menu of specials to share with all of you.

Read on to find out what we’ve got in store!

A Christmas that’s worth celebrating well



For all those who love a good pork chop, we’ve got a mouth-watering option for you this year!
You’ll be getting a juicy pork chop, sourced from Byron Bay down in Australia. It is first pan-seared with sage, white wine, salt & pepper and then baked in the oven to the perfect doneness. 
To accompany the star of the plate, you get some nice sautéed tatsoi and mashed potato with apple sauce. You’ll also get a nice pear & raisin chutney puree that helps to cut through the fattiness of the pork, and to end off the flavour journey, the pork chop is drizzled with a light gravy for that finishing touch!



For a dish that’s a little different than traditional festive fish dishes, our Salmon Tartare makes a refreshing option!
Our fresh New Zealand King salmon gets diced alongside our sweet and ripe mango. They are then tossed in an appetising balsamic and spice mix, resulting in a mix that’s full of flavour and texture!
We then spread some avocado puree on the side, and plate it alongside toasted ciabatta, et voila! This beautiful dish is ready for you to enjoy as a yummy starter for your meal!



What’s more traditional for a Christmas meal if not a nice juicy turkey? Though it may not be a whole turkey, it’ll still taste like Christmas Eve!
Starting off with a nice cornfed turkey breast that has been marinating to lock in the flavours and juices, it’s then slowly roasted to perfection in the oven. 
The turkey is then plated with sauteed baby carrots and brocollini, and served with our very own cranberry sauce.



To anyone who loves a good duck foie gras, you’re in for a treat! We’ve got a lovely light and fluffy mousse that has a generous amount of foie gras incorporated.
Served alongside beautifully toasted pain de mie (from our very own bakery), caramelised fig and shiraz jelly, this light, umami-filled starter is sure to get your appetite going for the rest of your meal!

Let’s not forget some sweet treats!




Inspired by a familiar ice-cream flavour we all know and love. Made with peppermint gelato and Valrhona caramel chips, blended together with Oatside oat milk!




A festive favourite made with our very own White and Peppermint Drinking chocolates, and prepared with fluffy frothed milk! Served hot with a chocolate dipped marshmallow!




Griottines cherries with whipped 65% dark chocolate ganache coating a decadent vanilla whipped chantilly filled chocolate sponge!




Financier soaked with festive spices and syrup, with a layer of caramel, toasted whole pecans and coated with decadent milk chocolate!

All of these delicious treats are available at our outlets today till 26 December!

If you’re unable to enjoy it with us, we’re happy to share that you can have these items, along with our delectable selection of platters and panettone, delivered to the comfort of your own home through our online delivery platform!