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National Day Specials and August Updates

Our little island home is turning 57 years old next week on the 9th and we’re so excited to share how we’re celebrating!  We’ve brought back some familiar festive favourites as well as some unique new additions that are inspired by iconic local specials as well as our national colours!
Majulah Singapura!
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remedy kombucha berry jam on a plate

Welcoming Back The Singapura Pan!

Our popular Singapura Pan is making a comeback this year!
Featuring fluffy milk buns filled with  rum buttercream and a cute Singapore flag atop that is made of cookie dough, this adorable treat from our bakery is a fun way to commemorate the nation’s upcoming 57th birthday.
Available only for a limited time at all outlets till 9 August!
remedy kombucha berry jam on a plate

Raspberry Ripple

Another returning favourite that was well received last year! An interpretation of Singapore’s iconic push cart wafer ice-cream which can be found along Orchard Road, and around the island!
Soft, white chocolate vanilla mousse with a citrusy raspberry-yuzu ripple center. Perfect as an accompaniment to your afternoon coffee!

Berri-Good Tart

This tart marries sweet creamy flavours with the pleasant zest from fresh berries, resulting in a pretty red & white treat that tastes as amazing as it looks!
Rich almond cream is layered with home-made strawberry jam, flourished with Greek yoghurt cream and topped off with a medley of fresh summer berries, all encased in a decadent biscuit tart base.
Partner this with a pot of our tea and you’ve got your weekend tea-time plans settled!
remedy kombucha berry jam on a plate

The Providore Shiok Platter

Inspired by the Singaporean affinity for savoury and spicy flavours, this platter is a carefully curated selection of cheeses, charcuterie and accompaniments that are sure to hit the spot for the local palate.
Try it and see why we say it’s a Shiok dish! 
Featured Deli Items:
-Rondin Aux Fleur
– Buchette de Chevre
 -Smoked Cheddar
– Pave Spice and Chilli
– Dry Sausage Stick
– Red Pepperdew
– Muscatels
– Seeded Proper Crisps
– The Providore Wafer Cracker
– Sesame Breadsticks
*Available only at Downtown Gallery and Mandarin Gallery for take-away, and for online orders!
remedy kombucha berry jam on a plate

Pulut Hitam Milkshake

Pulut Hitam, otherwise known as  “Black Glutinous Rice”,  is the main ingredient used for a local dessert of the same name. The rice is typically boiled into a porridge and mixed with coconut milk and palm sugar.
 Our rendition of this beloved dessert oatmilk ice cream is made with Oatside’s oatmilk,  for an indulgent vegan twist that retains all the important flavours reminiscent of the local dessert – creamy, sweet, with a frgrant hint of pandan!
 It’s definite must-try for those who love local desserts!
remedy kombucha berry jam on a plate

Singapura Strawberry Gin Cocktail

A refreshing splash of red to commemorate the occasion! Inspired by the national colours, this concoction is just what you need to beat the local humidity!  
Made with freshly muddled strawberries, freshly squeezed lemon juice, aqua 03 syrup, spear mint and Brass Lion Singapore Dry Gin. 
Available from today till the end of the month.
remedy kombucha berry jam on a plate

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