Remedy Kombucha v Remedy Sodas – What’s the Diff?

Remedy’s launched a brand spanking new range of live cultured sodas but what’s the difference between Remedy Kombucha and Remedy Sodas you ask?


It all comes down to ingredients.


But first, let’s start with what Remedy Kombucha and Remedy Sodas have in common!


– They don’t contain any sugar (naturally!)
– They’re both made with all natural ingredients
– They’re both chock full of live cultures and organic acids
– They’re organic, raw and unpasteurised
– They’re really tasty!

What’s the diff?

The main difference is in the ingredients used to brew these healthy and tasty, live cultured beverages.

Let’s take a look at Remedy Kombucha…

Remedy Kombucha is made with a base of sweet tea to which Remedy’s ‘mother culture’ or SCOBY (symbiotic culture of good bacteria and yeast) is added before being fermented over 30 days. This natural fermentation removes all the sugar leaving behind a delicious, refreshing live cultured beverage full of live cultures, organic acids and tea polyphenols. All natural ingredients are then added for extra flavour.


What about Remedy Sodas?

Just like Remedy Kombucha, Remedy Sodas are made with real, top notch, all natural ingredients. But Remedy Sodas do NOT contain tea. Rather, they are made by taking high quality organic juices as the base. A natural live culture starter is then added which kick starts a fermentation process that sees ALL of the natural sugars converted into healthy organic acids. The result is soda made right! Packed full of flavour and goodness with NO SUGAR, naturally!


Still not sure? Watch this: 

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