Multi-Outlet Manager

“When you are eager to learn, you will never stop learning! It has been an interesting journey so far!

You may begin with just one idea/goal in mind, but in the end, you realise you’re learning so much and have grown so much.”


Executive Head Chef

“Being with the Providore for this long makes me feel good. From day one till now, we’ve been through hard times, the toughest times, but in my past 35 years of experience, I feel that I have the best team here.

Some of my kitchen staff come from rough backgrounds, so training them to be chefs was tough. A lot of patience and discipline is required to train them to understand what the company stands for and why we do what we do. We want to instil in them a passion for food, and we want them to love the work they do.”


FOH Ops Manager

“I feel that the 10 years that I have been with The Providore is short, because I enjoy what I am doing, and I look forward to growing even more together with company.

I take on every challenge as an opportunity to learn. I am a simple person, I just like to keep learning new things, and the company provides me with the necessary time, advice and mentorship to do so.”


MG & WA/PT Bar

“What I like most about The Providore is that they work very differently from other companies. When I was trying to gain experience in the bar, the team was willing to take me in even though I had no experience, and they provided guidance every step of the way.

Also, the people here are very nice! It is nice to be able to work with and get to know different people across the different outlets.”


Bar Manager

“Most of my experience is in the bar, and that is my passion. I love making beverages and getting feedback from customers who are enjoying the drinks I make.

The Providore really showed me that when I do something well, it will be recognised and it makes me feel important. I also want to make sure that my junior bar guys become somebody they can be proud of because I started from nothing and grew to become a manager, so they can too.”


Events & Catering Executive

“My role is physically demanding, but I will say it’s very rewarding – I am constantly moving around and interacting with clients, so it definitely has been a great experience and a lot of fun.

The good thing about the internal culture in The Providore is that our departments are able to work together. Although we come from different backgrounds and specialise in different things, we still manage to communicate with one another and lend each other a helping hand when needed.”


Office/HR Specialist

“I like how The Providore creates opportunities for their staff. There is so much to learn here from the different departments with different specialisations.

The Providore values growth and creates a healthy environment for that to happen by enabling department switching and employing staff with minimal experience, but a lot of willingness to learn.”


Restaurant Manager

“I think working as a front-of-house staff is an interesting job, and I find joy in it. During my time working in the Retail department, I was eager to help them out sometimes as the main cashier, and I found it very exciting.

As long you enjoy what you’re doing and treat every day as a day to learn new things, everything will be alright!”


Restaurant Manager

“I will tell anyone who wants to join, part-time or full-time, you should simply come to try it first – see our environment, see what we have to offer – and I believe you will like it. I can say this and that about the company, but the best advice is, come join our team and experience it for yourself!

Work hard, focus on your growth and the company will recognise your efforts and raise you up.”


Assistant Restaurant Manager

“When I was working as a chef, I felt satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment when I see customers eating & enjoying the dishes I prepared.

My time in each department was enjoyable and I always felt motivated to work. I especially looked forward to coming to work because of my team.”


Retail Manager

“It’s been 9 years but it does not feel like it. Most of my current colleagues have been with me throughout the years, so everything I know, I learnt from them. They are practically my second family.

In The Providore, we have fun while getting things done. It is a great environment to be in and you will not lose interest in what you do. You work and enjoy; you can have the best of both worlds.”


RP/Bar Manager

“During events like Films At The Fort, we work together like a family to get things done!

Working for The Providore, it feels pleasantly different. Our superiors don’t micromanage and allow us to run operations and be responsible for our own teams.”


Pastry Supervisor

“You can join the deli with very knowledgeable cheese experts. You can find experienced chefs in the café kitchen, pastry kitchen, and bakery. You can join the retail team and learn more about our retail products which are part of our brand identity We have very good teachers here! You are never too old to keep learning! Always look on the bright side and keep on going.”